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BRProtect Anti-Microbial Microfibre Cloth



Clean Better, Live Better

  • No Cross-Contamination: Delivers continuous self-disinfection and thereby protection from unintentional cross-contamination
  • Super Large: 75 cm by 35cm Premium woven 400gm2 material cloths which can absorb 10x more than others!
  • The microscopic structure of our cloths enables them to attract, trap and capture the tiniest particles of dirt and germs
  • Self-cleaning: The cloths self-disinfection properties are not removed even with repeated washings. 
  • Works well with BRProtect Anti-Microbial Spray

Antimicrobial Properties

  • Treated with BRProtect which provides it with continuous self-disinfection properties
  • Self-disinfection properties are not removed even with hundreds of washings and will continue to provide ongoing protection from unintentional cross-contamination for extended periods of time
  • Our cloths built in antimicrobial properties also prevent the growth of the organisms that cause mildew and odour
  • Our cloths works well with  BRProtect Anti-Microbial Spray

How to use

  • BRProtect technology enables chemical-free cleaning and disinfection
  • Using a combination of our microfibre cloths and your surfaces protected by BRProtect Antimicrobial Coating you can effectively clean and disinfect with just water

Care Instructions

  • After use, rinse well in water and let dry 
  • Cloths can be laundered; wash separately and avoid fabric conditioners. Avoid the use of a dryer.
  • Washing will not remove or degrade its antimicrobial properties, in fact keeping them regularly laundered increases their efficiency
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